An independent boarding and day school for boys and girls from 3 to 18

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Fees and Financial Assistance

The fees are subject to review in the Summer term each year with any increase taking effect from 1st Septem­ber. Please check with the school that the fees shown here are accur­ate and up to date.

Fees from September 2016


Fees shown are per session. Please note that we offer morning or full day sessions but not afternoon sessions on their own.

The school day starts at 8.30am but children can be dropped off anytime from 8.00am onwards.

Morn­ing Session: 8.00am -12.00 midday    £22.00

All Day: 8.00am – 3.30pm (includes lunch)  £38.00

All Day with before and after school care: 8.00am – 6.00pm (includes lunch and tea time snack)  £45

Children joining in the Lower Nursery are required to come for a minimum of 3 morning sessions each week.

As your child reaches Upper Nursery school age, we require attendance for a minimum of 4 mornings per week, including a Monday.

The school is registered for the payment of the Nurs­ery Grant.

We anti­cip­ate that all chil­dren join­ing our Nurs­ery will proceed to our Recep­tion Form.

The regis­tra­tion fee for the Nurs­ery is £75.00.  A refund­able deposit of £200 will be required before chil­dren start in the Nurs­ery.  Chil­dren may enter the Recep­tion class in the Septem­ber of the school year in which they turn five. Being in the Nurs­ery does not guar­an­tee your child a place in the Infant Department.

Prep School

Fees shown are per term


  • Recep­tion –  £2,875
  • Years 1 and 2 –  £3,015


  • Years 3 and 4 – £3,555
  • Years 5 and 6 – £3,825

Termly sibling fee reduc­tion £150

These fees are inclus­ive of lunches and break time refreshments.

Senior School and Sixth Form

Fees shown are per term

Day Fees

  • Years 7 and 8 – £5,345
  • Years 9, 10, 11 and Sixth Form – £5,575

Termly sibling fee reduc­tion £200

These fees are inclus­ive of lunches and break time refreshments.

Board­ing Fees

Years 7 and 8

  • Weekly – £6,820
  • Full time – £7,435

Termly sibling fee reduc­tion £200

Years 9, 10, 11 and Sixth Form

  • Weekly – £8,130
  • Full time – £9,095

Termly sibling fee reduc­tion £200

Occa­sional board­ing – per night £50

Ancil­lary Fees
Senior Music/Speech & Drama lessons per term – £210
Prep Music per term – £210
Prep Speech & Drama lessons – per term    £110
Day pupils even­ing meal/breakfast – £3.15

Regis­tra­tion Fees
Nurs­ery, Prep, Senior and Sixth Form – £75
Overseas students – £150

Accept­ance Depos­its
Nurs­ery and Prep – £200
Senior and Sixth Form – £300
Over­seas – £300 + 1 term’s fees

Scholarships and Bursaries

Walden School is commit­ted to broad­en­ing access to the School by offer­ing means-tested finan­cial support as bursar­ies towards meet­ing the cost of school fees. Bursar­ies are avail­able depend­ing on parents’ finan­cial circum­stances. Parents seek­ing finan­cial support should in the first instance contact the School Busi­ness Manager to request the neces­sary forms.

The completed forms, together with other docu­ment­ary evid­ence reques­ted, are to be submit­ted to the School Busi­ness Manager for consid­er­a­tion no later than the date of the Entrance Exam­in­a­tion in any year for a pupil wish­ing to take up a place in the follow­ing September.

Quaker Bursar­ies In common with the six other Quaker schools in this coun­try, we parti­cip­ate in the Joint Bursar­ies Scheme which is designed to help and encour­age Quaker Famil­ies to send their chil­dren to a Quaker School. Parents contrib­ute accord­ing to an assess­ment of their finan­cial resources and the scheme is also suppor­ted by the Reli­gious Soci­ety of Friends and the School. Friends are asked to contact the School Busi­ness Manager for further information.


The school is able to offer a number of Schol­ar­ships, at 11+ and at Sixth Form level, to pupils based on academic merit. Schol­ar­ships are also avail­able to those who demon­strate excel­lence in Music, Art, Drama or Sport.

Year 7 (11+)

Schol­ar­ships up to a maximum of 50% of the day fee may be awar­ded on the grounds of Academic Excel­lence follow­ing Entrance Tests.

Four schol­ar­ships of £1,000 per term will be awar­ded to Year 7 pupils who demon­strate partic­u­lar abil­it­ies in the fields of Art, Music, Drama and Sport.

  • Require­ments for the Art Schol­ar­ship will be a submis­sion of course work, a letter of recom­mend­a­tion from the candidate’s art teacher, an exam­in­a­tion, and an interview.
  • The stand­ard expec­ted for the Music Schol­ar­ship is a minimum of Grade 3 in the chosen instru­ment, with some abil­ity expec­ted on piano (if this is not the chosen instru­ment). Candid­ates will be expec­ted to perform on the instru­ment and there will also be aural tests and an inter­view. Instru­mental tuition will also be provided free of charge on the success­ful candidate’s main instrument.
  • Candid­ates for the Sports Schol­ar­ship must be able to show sports compet­ency in a number of activ­it­ies with partic­u­lar interest in a team game. Assess­ment will be by prac­tical inter­views and refer­ences from the candidate’s present school. The award holder will be expec­ted to be avail­able for all school teams.
  • The Drama Schol­ar­ship will be awar­ded to the pupil who demon­strates a passion and under­stand­ing for the subject. The award holder will be expec­ted to be avail­able for all relev­ant drama produc­tions and become a member of the Drama Club.

Sixth Form Scholarships

These are awar­ded, usually after the results of GCSE exam­in­a­tions are known, at the Head’s discre­tion to students who would contrib­ute substan­tially to the academic or community life of the School, up to a maximum of £2,000 per annum.

Sixth Form Inter­na­tional Board­ing Scholarships

Two awards may be made to high achiev­ing over­seas students join­ing the Sixth form as boarders and who will be with us for 2 years. The awards allow board­ing educa­tion at the cost to parents of the applic­able day student fee. Awards are made at the Head’s discretion.

Addi­tional Information

If you are inter­ested in apply­ing for a Sport, Art, Drama or Music schol­ar­ship please contact the Admis­sions Secret­ary for further inform­a­tion and an applic­a­tion form, and the School Busi­ness Manager to discuss the finan­cial aspects of these schemes. Please note that late applic­a­tions will not be accepted.

In the event of an academic or other schol­ar­ship being awar­ded on merit to the child of a member of the School staff, no monet­ary value will be attached to the award.

In the event of a prospect­ive pupil not taking up the offer of an academic schol­ar­ship, this may be offered to the child who achieved the next highest results.

The names of the award hold­ers will be presen­ted to the Governors’ Educa­tion Commit­tee and recor­ded in their minutes. The awards will be reviewed annu­ally and reten­tion will be subject to contin­ued progress in academic stud­ies or contri­bu­tions to Sport/Art/Music/Drama as appropriate.

Please contact the Admis­sions Registrar for general inform­a­tion and an applic­a­tion form, and the School Busi­ness Manager on finan­cial aspects of these schemes.