Walden School has a new partner school in Quimper, France following a very successful exchange between the schools in this month.

Collège Sainte Thérèse is situated in Quimper, Brittany, a historical town at the heart of Breton culture, and the destination for students aged 13-16 from Walden School participating in the exchange.

While in France students were able to brush up on their French during their stay with host families over the weekend. They also attended lessons at Collège Sainte Thérèse, explored the local town of Quimper, enjoyed an all-day trip along the coast visiting a number of historical sites including the fortified town of Concarneau and the Art Museum in Pont Aven.


On 17th March Walden School students arrived back in town with their French partners to enjoy a weekend at home with their families, before returning to lessons on Monday. Head, Anna Chaudhri, formally welcomed the French students and staff before they set off to explore Saffron Walden. The French group were impressed by the sights of Cambridge on their guided tour and Saffron Walden while on the town trail.

The exchange was a great success and provided a brilliant opportunity for our students to speak the French language. We look forward to continuing our exchange relationship with Collège Sainte Thérèse.